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Eyewitness Travel Guide – Moscow

Eyewitness Travel Guide – Moscow

Published by Dorling Kindersley | Publication date : January 2007 | ISBN : 075662438X | PDF | 272 pages | English | 67 MB

From her 12th-century origins as an obscure defensive outpost, Moscow came to govern one sixth of the earth’s surface and cast her shadow even further. The story of her rise is laced with glory and setbacks, including the two centuries when St Petersburg was the capital of Russia and Moscow lived the life of a dignified dowager.
The Russian capital, having endured wars, revolutions and drastic social change, is today a place where the past and present combine to captivate and charm. From the multi-coloured onion domes of churches to the graves of Soviet heroes, reminders of the city’s past are on almost every corner.
Galleries like the Tretyakov are treasure troves of art, while the State Armoury contains treasure pure and simple, from Faberge eggs to diamonds galore. A city of around 10 million, Moscow may seem daunting at first, but these itineraries will help you find your way around it all. 

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